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The Economic Irony of Medicare for All

The three-fold message that Fidel Castro enunciated in January of 1959 when his rebels took control of Cuba, included one-part healthcare. The remainder was to eradicate poverty and educate the masses. Sound familiar?

Yet within three years, he had declared conclusively, “I am a Marxist-Leninist and I will be until the last day of my life.” Within four, he was harboring Soviet missiles on his island. All revolutions are similar, in that they promise the people something they want, but will never get. As with National Socialism in Hitler’s Germany, economics is a spark that ignites a fire of hysteria. From the circa third century BC Rome to modern Venezuela, the masses were made promises that were never fulfilled.

A brilliant enlightenment of healthcare under a democratic socialist regime has been put forth by Anne Yvonne Guillou in her thesis titled, “Medicine in Cambodia during the Pol Pot Regime.” Her work is remarkable and prescient of socialist administered healthcare that followed. Democratic Kampuchea (the official name of the Khmer Rouge’s regime) was to transform post-war Cambodia into a powerful, autonomous country capable of financing its industrialization through its agriculture.

In actuality, urban exploiters prior to the revolution, including doctors, were punished and vanquished from the bourgeois, other than a few to care for the Pol Pot elite. That sounds fair, doesn’t it Bernie? The rural proletariat was glorified, and put into positions, such as physicians, where they were to care for their fellow peasants in the tradition of the communist Chinese barefoot doctors.

Certainly this couldn’t occur in modern America’s Medicare-for-All. One wonders how many snowflakes have crawled out of their “safe spaces” to analyze the past before professing they know all about what we need for the future. As with the other pillars of nationalized medicine, Canada et al, elite Cambodians under the Khmer Rouge sought relief in Vietnam and China. The proletariat were largely uncared for, as rice production could not produce the income to manifest healthcare-for-all. In essence, the U.S. will reverse engineer this tragedy, as a Medicare-for-All would bankrupt a nation, eliminate the middle-class, and leave the few elite to be the modern-day Pol Pots.

Do not fret comrades, the tipping has not yet come. While capitalism in America is not perfect, nothing is, Biden and his fellow travelers cannot prevail in the current prosperous economy.

However, beware the ides of March, if recessionary winds begin to blow. The socialist rats among us will crawl out from under their rocks once again, as they did shortly after 911, asking America what we did wrong to provoke such an attack from the religion of peace. In order to remain sovereign, we must reject this pax humana ideology, and create a climate where we once again can have civil discourse on issues such as healthcare. America doesn’t want what we think we want.

The embodiment of the new democratic socialist movement, the Green New Deal, has support of almost half the populous. However, once they become somewhat educated, and are told (not by the mainstream media) that it would end air travel and the ability to be a carnivore, support plummets to roughly a quarter of the people. This demonstrates a couple of things. The downside of utopia is never mentioned by the fifth column, and, as eloquently stated by compatriot Joseph Goebbels, “I lie is a lie if it is only told once, but if it is repeated many times it becomes the truth.”

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