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15 Money Making Skills You Won’t Learn In College


  1. Networking is the effect of leadership


  1. Every week try to get better physically, emotionally and mentally.


  1. Stop the Noise from almost every area of your life. Find the signal outside of the noise everyone else marches to and march to your own beat.


  1. Give more to others than you expect back for yourself.


  1. When selling think of the presentation, vision, motivation, sales.


  1. Reinventions will happen repeatedly throughout a life.


  1. Mastery begins when forma education ends. Find the topic that sets your head on fire. Then combust.


  1. Have a theme that you can build your days around. In the short blink that thins out your life, when you reach the point where goals matter no more, the themes of your life will shine bright.


  1. Use simple tools to increase productivity.


  1. Get good at coming up with ideas, combine them and master the intersection.


  1. Send people to the best resource, even a competitor. The benefit comes back tenfold.


  1. Get creative and write down your ideas every day.


  1. Negotiate means win-win, not war.


  1. Learn how to fail so that it turns into a great new beginning.


  1. Give Constantly to people in your network, and watch the value increase linearly. Especially if the people you get to know, help each other.



Endorsed by Blackhawk CEO Ziad Abdelnour


Wealth Mgmnt