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W.H.O. May Take Over The World

The World Health Organization (WHO) is in talks with world leaders regarding US-proposed changes to international health rules aimed at bolstering the global response to a second pandemic.

The idea, which is being described in the news as a ‘pandemic preparedness treaty,’ was discussed at length this week when the WHO and its member states met in Geneva at the 75th World Health Assembly.

“The main goal of this treaty would be to foster an all of government and all of society approach, strengthening national, regional, and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics,” reads a joint statement issued by the WHO and a newly-formed group of negotiators responsible for debating and drafting the agreement.

“This includes greatly enhancing international co-operation to improve, for example, alert systems, data-sharing, research, and local, regional, and global production and distribution of medical and public health counter-measures such as vaccines, medicines, diagnostics, and personal protective equipment.”

While the treaty is designed to help the world prepare for another pandemic in the wake of COVID, some fear it would grant the WHO unfair control over governments during an emergency.

As outlined by conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson, the treaty is likely to give the WHO the authority to decide what constitutes a pandemic and what does not. In the case of a pandemic or other health crisis, the WHO would decide what safety measures are necessary (including quarantine and vaccine mandates) and how to prevent or treat the illness. They would also control which medicines and vaccines are presented as safe to the public.

“They could, yet again, deny doctors the ability to treat patients the way they would like,” warns Carlson. “Here’s what’s at stake: not just your health, but the way that you live and your relationship to the government. Representative government requires your consent…and this eliminates it.”

Given the WHO’s decision to assist China during the coronavirus pandemic and President Joe Biden’s history of signing things he doesn’t understand, the United States and its allies should avoid this treaty at all costs.

The WHO’s negotiating body – which includes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – is expected to submit a preliminary draft to the World Health Assembly in 2023 and a final draft in 2024.

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