Social Marxism, Entrepreneurialism and Gen Z Generation

It is clear today that in both socialist and capitalist systems, the use of mass media to shape public opinion can raise concerns about the manipulation of information and the potential for censorship.

Those in power can and do use the media to promote their own interests and suppress dissenting opinions, leading to a homogenization of thought and a loss of diversity in the public discourse.

While the founding fathers did not specifically address the issue of media ownership and concentration, they had a heightened concern for the risks of concentrated power, which through inferential coupling, can be applied to this issue.

Media monopolization restricts the range of free expression of disparate viewpoints that are available to the public, which emasculates the ability of citizens to make knowledgeable decisions and hold their government accountable. By promoting diversity and competition in the media and protecting the freedom of the press, the U.S. government can help to ensure that the media serves as a healthy and independent check on power in a democracy.

Unfortunately, while some regulations on media concentration do exist, their enforcement by the FCC remains feeble at best.

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