Corporate America Rethinks Acceptance of Woke Agenda

One must remember that the hardcore liberal left works day and night, 24/7, to propagate its ideology, with the end goal of creating a new America that neither you want to live in nor one they really care about.

It’s all about power.

As we’ve told you before, with the advent of the ESG ideology usurping boardrooms across America, it would only be a matter of time before the next agenda issue would be checked off the “shove it down your throat” list.

That issue has surfaced of late in the form of ultra-tolerance for what is known as Pride Month. Many Americans awoke over the last year to realize that their hard earned life savings were often being invested into ideological realms of which they weren’t aware, and many, once aware, took notice and informed retirement fund trustees that they wanted no part of things like ESG investing. Somewhere from beyond, Milton Friedman is smiling.

An informal survey of shareholders of The American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF) places Disney, Meta Platforms, and Alphabet Inc., at the top of the list of woke companies, to no one’s surprise. Others include the following.

We have to realize that corporations, by their very nature, are not people, and as a matter of fact, if successful, they will outlive the people who founded them and currently run them.

The lifeblood of a corporation is its profits, for without such, it would either be a non-profit or cease to be an ongoing concern. You can bet your bottom dollar that they were all ears when corporate America was approached with novel ways to expand their markets and enhance the bottom line. In general, a dollar is a dollar, and as we’ve established, corporations are not people, so they will push the boundaries of profitability until they can’t.

This is known as a marginal utility in microeconomics. One can only imagine how many woke directors have been added to the boardrooms of the companies listed above, knowing nothing about the business they have entered, and are ultimately liable for, but not everything about social upheaval.

CEOs have spent the past few years adjusting to a world where investors, customers, and employees expect corporate leaders to align themselves with social causes.

Today, that has made companies targets in our culture wars, where one step can turn a social media storm into a corporate crisis that cripples businesses and wrecks careers. Enter North Face.

Recently, the clothing company released a video for Pride Month featuring drag performer Pattie Gonia. The ad was similar to the one the performer appeared in for the outdoor apparel maker a year earlier. However, this time was not the same.

Calls for a company boycott rang loud and clear throughout social media. Anheuser Busch and its transgender Bud Light campaign are perhaps the poster boy for how not to market to the masses. Pushback against Anheuser Busch has been so dramatic that the company has lost billions of dollars in market capitalization, as well as losing a plethora of customers.

Recent social media stories depict cases of Bud Light on the shelves of stores that say it is free, yet people refuse to take it. Beer drinkers have finally come to realize that beer companies don’t really like them that much.

It’s certainly ironic that those who foam at the mouth over big corporations and want to tax them punitively for just existing, now want to cozy up and let them do their dirty work of re-programming the minds of the proletariat.

According to ACVF’s President and co-founder, Tom Carter, “Corporations should focus on shareholder returns and providing goods and services to consumers, not weighing in on social and political issues which alienate consumers and investors. The fact that playing politics alienates investors should be on the minds of CEOs and their boards of directors.”

In the authoritarian-like style of the Stalinist’s before them, the current group thinks only allows for inclusion and diversity that fits the regime’s agenda.

In a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, objected to the invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to LGBT night at LA Dodgers stadium, saying that the Sisters have “mocked and degraded Christians, and especially Catholics” in part because they dress as nuns.

The MLB and the Dodgers initially caved to common sense and uninvited the poor Sisters. Then in a counter move that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud, the invitation was re-extended, and the Sisters are back in. Of course, they are.

The twelve people who support them are much more important than the twelve thousand who don’t.

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