Decoupling Climate Change and Renewable Energy: A Business Perspective

Imagine a world where profit and sustainability go hand in hand, where the fight against climate change becomes a gateway to untapped economic opportunities. Welcome to the realm of renewable energy, where the fusion of business acumen and environmental consciousness holds the key to building a prosperous future. But don’t let “fusion” become “confusion.” In this thought-provoking journey, we will navigate the complex landscape of Climate Change, showing how emotions and politics can be a catalyst powerful and profitable investments in the capitalist Renewable Energy world, but they are very different realms.

Many investors approach Renewable Energy investment with a bit of trepidation – and rightfully so given the politically charged discussions most have experienced regarding Climate Change. I am a proud board member of the Financial Policy Council, an institution that seeks to educate and influence policy as applies to business. Our discussions and presentations, directed by experts and industry leaders are frequently tougher and blunter than you find in your average, friendly Ivy League business class. The lesson the FPC would teach here is very basic: If you can’t take the emotion out of your decisions, put politics aside and evaluate an investment project dispassionately, then you don’t belong here. Tough but true….


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