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The Forgotten Man Sings: An Uneasy Nation Listens

If the United States were a boiler, all the pressure gauges would be pegged in the red, warning us all that danger is ahead. Wars, inflation, liberty loss, corruption, Marxism and volumes of weak leaders mostly concentrated in Washington D.C. are rendering our Constitution as ornamental.

Oliver Anthony, a salt-of-the-earth, working man and musician from Appalachia put pen to paper in his tarp-covered camper and poured all of our collective emotions into a song that went to #1 in days. “Rich Men North of Richmond” tapped the national “boiler”, blowing steam across nation. The young man’s song of hopelessness in the face of the “Rich Men” swamp in D.C., caught the nation’s attention identifying the worry most Americans share. It is palpable.


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World & U.S. News