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Unveiling The Risks: Chinese Chemical Giant’s Expansion Into The U.S. Heartland

In an investigative report that sheds light on the burgeoning influence of Chinese companies in the American economic landscape, Philip Lenczycki of the Daily Wire brings to the forefront the concerning expansion of Capchem Technology USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China-based Shenzhen Capchem Technology. This development is not just a tale of foreign investment but a narrative intertwined with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) strategic positioning within the United States.

Capchem, a manufacturer pivotal to the battery chemical industry, is on the verge of establishing significant manufacturing footprints in Ohio and Louisiana, with projects valued at $120 million and $350 million, respectively. However, the underpinnings of these expansions bear the hallmarks of CCP influence and operational control, with top executives and dozens of employees being active members of the CCP. Furthermore, affiliations with organizations deeply integrated into the CCP’s influence and intelligence operations have been uncovered, revealing a network that extends beyond mere corporate pursuits.

The involvement of CCP members in key executive positions within Capchem and its American subsidiary raises alarming questions about the implications for national security and economic sovereignty. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (DCNF) investigation, supported by insights from the Heritage Foundation, exposes how Capchem’s expansions are not isolated commercial ventures but part of a broader strategy that dovetails with the CCP’s military-civil fusion efforts and its overarching ambition to exert influence on foreign soils.

The narrative becomes even more concerning with revelations that Capchem and its executives are engaged with the “United Front” strategy, a sophisticated spectrum of influence activities orchestrated by the CCP. From receiving accolades as “Outstanding Party Secretary” to affiliations with the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and other United Front organizations, the ties between Capchem’s leadership and the CCP’s strategic initiatives are unmistakable.

Amidst these revelations, voices from within the U.S. political sphere, such as New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik, express unequivocal concern, emphasizing the incompatibility of Communist Chinese companies with American interests. The narrative is further compounded by Capchem’s history of receiving substantial subsidies from entities intertwined with the CCP’s military advancements, juxtaposed against the company’s plans to benefit from U.S. government incentives and tax breaks.

The insights provided by Philip Lenczycki and the Daily Wire illuminate the complexities of engaging with entities that, while appearing as commercial ventures, are deeply enmeshed with foreign government agendas, particularly those of the CCP.

Do not be surprised if this is eventually found to be cover for a spy mission or support for spy missions in the region. It may indeed be a legitimate business, but this company, as are all companies in China will be under the thumb of the Chinese Communist Party and be required to support CCP policy with whatever actions are desired.

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