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Armed Liberty: Resisting the Tide of Tyranny in Modern America

In the storied tapestry of American history, the Second Amendment shines as a beacon of individual freedom and a bulwark against tyranny. Yet, in recent times, this fundamental liberty faces unprecedented threats, not from external foes, but from within our own shores, under the guise of progressivism championed by administrations that lean markedly to the Marxist left.

The Second Amendment, once a safeguard of freedom, now faces threats from modern COBismist (Clinton, Obama, Biden)Marxists diverging from Karl Marx’s advocacy for armed workers to fight oppression. Today, they favor gun control, arguing it serves public health and equality, a stark shift from Marx’s view that arms are crucial for the proletariat’s defense and societal change. This reinterpretation aims not at empowering the working class but at consolidating power, veiling efforts to disarm and subjugate the populace under progressive guises. Thus, the twisting of Marx’s thoughts on gun control into today’s COBismistic Marxist ideology reveals a nuanced and sometimes contradictory approach to the balance between individual rights and collective goals. It underscores a tension between the historical roots of socialist thought, which championed direct action and empowerment of the lower classes, and contemporary interpretations that advocate for more top-down methods of achieving social equity and safety by empowering the elitists over the masses.

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