About Us

Who are We?

We are Rational Financial Management, we manage a fund, we publish news and strategies to help people make money.  Our goal is to lift our readers to the next level, to embolden them to move upwards, take intelligent and sophisticated risks, and to never apologize for failing, since they will succeed much more often.

Who is this for?

Young, classy, modern individual who lets logic lead their decisions and opinions rather than emotions. These are people who can objectively see problems and evaluate potential solutions, without a reliance on government or handouts. These men do not shy away from conflict, and are comfortable arguing and defending issues they are passionate about. These person attempt to see the truth in situations, are skeptical of the main stream media when necessary, and never succumb to trends or peer pressure.
The ideal readers are those who is always willing to sacrifice for a good cause, but will never be shamed into it. These men may be religious or spiritual, but believe that the sophisticated gentleman keeps these matters private. These men have the utmost respect for their fellow man, without reserve, and have no “soft bigotry of low expectations.” These people have a respect for libertarian and constitutional ideals. These people are not apologetic and are more focused on the future than the past. They look at issues from all sides. They realize that “woke” is broke, and do not succumb to the notion that they have some inherent prejudice that they aren’t aware of. They live in the real world and not John Lennon’s “Imagination.”
These persons are well rounded and worldly. Ideally, they spend more time reading non-fiction and the news rather than mindlessly spending their down time scrolling on social media. They take advice from books and philosophers, not comedians and famous people. They have goals and make solid plans to accomplish them. They are people of their word, not easily offended, and can take a joke. They aren’t afraid of conflict and directness. They know how to have a good time and are comfortable navigating social situations. They are people who welcome the learning process, and are sure to look something up and do their own research when they do not know something. They are open-minded, but not to a fault. Most importantly, these men know that America is a unique country with unique ideals and endeavors. It is the world’s brave experiment with freedom. We do not wish to model it after other nations’ systems. They are capitalists.