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Senior Disney Executive Says Company Doesn’t Like to Hire White Men

If you are a white man, Disney doesn’t want to hire you. Disney’s anti-white agenda has been exposed in the confessional words of the entertainment giant’s own senior vice president, caught on undercover camera by James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism team.

The bombshell video was posted to X (Twitter) last week by James O’Keefe, showing Senior Disney Executive Michael Giordano telling an undercover journalist that Disney doesn’t want to hire white men but usually the company doesn’t say it out loud because it doesn’t want to be sued for discrimination. As seen in the video, Giordano tells about Disney:

“They’re very careful about messaging because they don’t want to get sued for discrimination in either direction. But certainly there have been times where, you know, there’s no way we’re hiring a White male.”

Giordano also told the undercover journalist that a few years ago Disney did not hire a half-black person because he didn’t look black enough to pass the hiring criterion.

The entire footage including O’Keefe’s commentary was posted to O’Keefe’s X profile.

As the video went viral on social media, conservatives called for boycotting Disney for its anti-white racism. Elon Musk posted O’Keefe’s video with a short comment: “This is messed up.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah responded to the video by commenting on X that it’s time for Disney’s lawyers to get busy since the video is evidence of the company’s illegal hiring practices.

The Babylon Bee took a moment to post its satirical take on the revelation, running a story by the title “Walt Disney Posthumously Fired By Walt Disney Company For Being White Male.”

Soon after the release of the video, O’Keefe noted that Giordano has removed his LinkedIn page. O’Keefe posted the screenshot of the page to X.

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